all about me


Well, where to begin? I suppose some explaination is required regarding my nom de plume. The Firbolg were the squat, pot-bellied aboriginals of Ireland. The name means, depending on who you talk to, "Menof the Bags/Bellies" of Men of the lightening Spear. Naturally, tending to the rotund, I found the former more appealing.

Anyway, I was born in Dublin in 1972 but lived most of my life in County Limerick, on the mouth of the Shannon. I was always doodling, so the best thing for me was to try and earn a living from this obession. I wandered into the National College of Art and Design, and only found my way out four years and one Honors Degree later. I've been scrapinga living on the lark ever since.

I am available for comssioned artwork, coloring, and design.

I also do a passable impression of OddJob and can be booked for parties.